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Cowboy Action Shooting

This program has re-opened. Proper social distancing and disinfection requirements are expected to be followed.



Cowboy Action Shooting (CAS, also known as Western Action Shooting, Single Action Shooting, or Cowboy 3-gun) is a competitive shooting sport that originated in Southern California, USA, in the early 1980s. Cowboy action shooting is now practiced in many places with several sanctioning organizations including the Single Action Shooting Society (SASS), Western Action Shootists Association (WASA), and National Congress of Old West Shooters (NCOWS), as well as others in the USA and in other countries.  More information may be found at Cowboy Action . (Wikipedia)


CAS is a type of 3-gun match utilizing a combination of pistol(s), rifle, and/or shotgun in a variety of "old west themed" courses of fire for time and accuracy. Participants must dress in appropriate theme or era "costume" as well as use gear and accessories as mandated by the respective sanctioning group rules. (Wikipedia)


This type of shooting is usually held in Bay 1 of the range at NSRG.


Come on out and see what this is all about.  All are welcome!

Cowboy Action Schedule


  • Third Saturday of each month.*
  • 8:00 am ~ 12:00 pm


Participation is by invitation only. Please contact Keith Danard at badassviking@live.com or 250-656-6579.


* Subject to change due to rentals and other special events. Please check the NSRG Range Schedule Calendar for any changes.

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