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Shotgun & Trap Shooting

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June 16, 2021:

* The Trap shooting program is starting up again on June 27, 2021 with the old schedule - every 2nd and fourth Sunday at 9:00 am and 1st and 3rd Tuesdays at 5:00 pm until Sept. 21.


Masks and distancing are to be followed as per COVID-19 rules.


A reminder that guest shooters need to be signed in by a member and pay the guest fee..




NSRG currently only offers a trap shooting program for shotgun enthusiasts.


Trap shooting is one of the three major forms of competitive shotgun shooting at clay targets (the others are Skeet shooting and sporting clays). There are many versions including Olympic Trap, Double Trap (which is also an Olympic event), Nordic Trap, and several national versions such as American Trap. As its name implies, American Trap is popular throughout Canada and the United States, primarily sanctioned by the Amateur Trapshooting Association.


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The sport is in some ways a replacement for a game where the targets were live pigeons. Indeed, one of the names for the clay targets used in shooting games is clay pigeons. The layout of modern trap shooting is different from skeet shooting in that there is only one house that releases targets and the shooters only move through 5 different positions.


Trap shooting has been a sport since at least 1793 when it used real birds, usually the then-extremely abundant Passenger Pigeon.  Fake birds were introduced around the time of the American Civil War as the Passenger Pigeon was nearing extinction and sufficient numbers were not reliably available. Clay targets were introduced in the 1880's.


Trap shooting offers a great opportunity for shotgun shooters to meet several times a month and try their skills at breaking a clay bird.


The NSRG's current trap shooting program is run by club member Dana Bye.

Trap Shooting at NSRG features a heated indoor marshaling area and a state of the art electronic voice activated trap machine that can be set for doubles as well as singles.

  • Maximum shot size allowed is 7 1/2 shot.
  • Charge for clays is $5.00 per set.

All are welcome!


Trap Shooting Schedule

  • Second and fourth Sunday of each month from 9:00 am to approximately 12:00 pm. *
  • Also first and third Tuesday in May, June, July, August, and September from 5:30 pm to approximately 7:30 pm. *


* Subject to change due to rentals and other special events. Please check the NSRG Range Schedule Calendar for any changes.

North Saanich Rod & Gun Club - P.O. Box 2043 - Sidney, B.C. - V8L 3S3