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NSRG News, Updates and Special Events

News, Updates & Reminders





  • ARCHERY IS UP AND RUNNING Come out and enjoy this NEW activity. We will be beside the shotgun area every 3rd Saturday between 1pm -2pm. For more info go to Archery - NEW! web page.




  • NSRG IS NOT ACCEPTING APPLICATIONS FOR NEW MEMBERSHIP until further notice. The waiting list is also closed until further notice. See the Membership page for more information. (Posted Jan 1, 2015)

  • NSRG DOES NOT HAVE DAY PASSES FOR DROP IN SHOOTERS. Only club members and their guests are allowed to use the facility freely. Some organized programs are open to the public. Go to Programs for more information.





BE CAREFUL WHERE YOU ARE SHOOTING! We were all taught to check on what is behind our target before shooting. The same applies at the range. There are a lot of holes in the walls separating the shooting bays. When shooting at a target on the return target system, line yourself up so that bullets will not hit a wall after going through your target. Align yourself so that you are facing straight down range. This is especially important when shooting at short distances. Because of the angles, it is easier to hit the side wall if you are not straight on to the target. Thank you.





  • ARCHERY IS UP AND RUNNING Come out and enjoy this NEW activity. We will be beside the shotgun area every 3rd Saturday between 1pm -2pm. For more info go to Archery - NEW! web page.

  • AIR RIFLE REACTIVE TARGET (SILHOUETTE) - This program is closed for the winter season. It will resume in the spring on Wednesday evenings at 6:00 pm to coincide with the VPSA Air Gun program. For more information go to AIR GUN REACTIVE

  • CENTRE FIRE BENCH REST has been moved to the second Sunday of each month until March. For more info go to Bench Rest web page.
  • BAY 3 IS FOR HANDGUN LOADS AND .22 LONG RIFLE ONLY. This is to prevent undue damage to the rubber blast mat backing.
  • NEW SHOOTING PROGRAM - CENTRE FIRE BENCH REST Go to Bench Rest for more information. If you would like to participate or want additional information send an email to Adam Erickson at atericks@hotmail.com.
  • Please don't forget to turn down the heat in the washrooms and clubhouse if these have been turned up during use.
  • AGGRESSIVE DOG WARNING - If confronted by aggressive stray dogs while at the range, seek shelter in a washroom or the clubhouse and call 911 immediately and explain the situation to the RCMP. You should also call DON BROWN, CRD, 250 588 5069 (day) or 250 474 5712 (after hours) and they will have someone look into the matter. (in effect as of Jan 7, 2017)
  • WEEKLY MAINTENANCE is on Wednesday mornings from 9 am to 12 pm.  Drop by if you can. Many hands make light work. 
  • CHANGES TO MEMBERS CONTACT INFORMATION: Members are reminded to notify the secretary, John, of changes especially to email. Email is used to distribute the monthly newsletters and other notices to the membership.
  • APPLICANTS ON THE WAIT LIST must inform the Membership Chair at nsrg.membership@gmail.com of any changes to their contact information including telephone number, email address, and home address.  Otherwise we will be unable to contact you when a membership becomes available.
  • MEMBERS MUST DISPLAY THEIR CLUB MEMBERSHIP ID card ON THEIR PERSON. This will help us insure that only authorized people are using our facility.

  • IMPORTANT NOTE TO TRAP SHOOTERS - The clays must be thrown from the club trap, shot from the correct positions on the shooting pads and only during an organized shoot.  Individual or informal shot gun shooting is not permitted, nor is the use of any other trap. When shooting trap the largest shot size allowed is 7 shot.
  • REMEMBER TO CLOSE AND LOCK THE GATE AND CLUBHOUSE and insure that all the lights are turned off if you are the last member to leave the range.
  • Check the NSRG RANGE SCHEDULE CALENDAR for up-to-date information on range availability.
  • Members should check the MEMBER'S AREA for more club news and updates.
  • Please remember that there is a 20 KPH SPEED LIMIT on the range road to keep dust down, prevent accidents with vehicles and wildlife, and reduce road erosion.
  • AIR GUN SHOOTERS: Only wad cutter style lead pellets or BBs with a maximum weight of 15 grains are allowed in the interior air gun range. Muzzle velocity is also restricted to a maximum of 550 ft/sec (165 m/sec). Other projectiles and air guns exceeding this muzzle velocity are to be used on the outside bays.

  • North Saanich Rod & Gun Club - P.O. Box 2043 - Sidney, B.C. - V8L 3S3