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Victoria Precision Shooting Association

VPSA is up and running again.


May 11, 2022 Update:


The reservation system implemented at the start of the year because of participant limitations due to COVID has been lifted for practices. There is space for up to 14 shooters at a time in rented Bay 2. The two single target positions at each end of the bay are reserved for shooters who want to maintain COVID isolation from other shooters. The remaining target positions will be used by two shooters as required by the number of shooters.


The reservation system is retained for the intra-club matches. Reservations are required to prevent shooters not being able to participate because of having more than 14 shooters for a match. Shooters can show up without a reservation but take the chance of not being able to shoot. An email will be sent to members a few days before the match to elicit reservations.


This approach will be reviewed as needed if issues arise.



Welcome to the Victoria Precision Shooting Association (VPSA). The VPSA promotes the International Shooting Sports Federation (I.S.S.F.) style of one handed .22 cal and centre fire hand gun, .22 cal rifle, and air gun (hand gun and rifle) bulls eye shooting.  It is the only organization in the Victoria area to do so.  The North Saanich Rod and Gun Club is the current home of our organization and hosts our Sunday morning firearm practices and competitions, and air gun shooting on Wednesday evening.  Practices are held three Sundays of each month with a friendly intra-club competition usually on the first Sunday of each month. The only firearms used by the VPSA during the Sunday morning sessions are rim fire, centre fire, and air handguns; and rim fire and air rifles. 


The purposes of the VPSA are:
a. to promote opportunities for members to improve their target shooting skills, particularly in those disciplines promoted by the International Shooting Sport Federation (ISSF) ,
b. to encourage new shooters to join the sport and reach their maximum potential in competitive target shooting,
c. to provide instruction in the safe handling and care of firearms for target shooting, and
d. to promote a favourable public sentiment towards target shooting.


More information about VPSA air gun shooting can be found on the VPSA Air Gun pages under the Programs section. The NSRG Range Schedule Calendar lists the scheduled VPSA shooting dates.


Spectators and prospective members are welcome on Sunday mornings or Wednesday evenings. On Sunday mornings, it may be possible for them to try shooting a hand gun or rifle. The club has several target air pistols which members and guests may use on Wednesday evenings while deciding to buy their own. In the past the Association has from time to time organized and hosted British Columbia and Canadian National Hand Gun Championship Shoots.



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Membership is open to any interested person, including juniors who usually shoot only air gun. The VPSA has a maximum of 40 members. This maximum is required because of the limited space available to VPSA to shoot on Sunday mornings.


There is no initiation fee to join and the annual membership fees are:

- $134.00 for NSRG adult members, $67.00 for their spouses/partners and dependent family members

- $205.00 for non-NSRG adult members, $102.50 for their spouses/partners and dependent family members


After the application form is reviewed and accepted by the executive, the applicant will be placed on a waiting list if membership is full. Once an opening becomes available, a three month trial membership is offered for 1/4 the applicable annual membership fee ($33.50 or $51.00). During the trial period the applicant may participate in all VPSA events including Sunday morning practice sessions. A minimum of 6 Sunday sessions or Wednesday evening air gun sessions run by VPSA must be attended during the three month period. After three months, full membership is granted following review and approval by the VPSA Executive Committee. The trial fee is applied toward the annual membership fee which is prorated for the remaining year.


The purpose of this trial period is to give a potential member a better opportunity to try out VPSA-style shooting before joining the club, and give the candidate, other VPSA members, and the executive a chance to meet one another. This step is taken because of the limited number of memberships. It gives the executive adequate opportunity to determine the candidate's interest in VPSA-style shooting and suitability for the club. The candidate can also better decide if he/she wants to join the association.


For more information on the waiting list and membership process please contact the membership director at vpsa.membership@gmail.com.


You may apply for membership by printing off and completing the form below.  It may then be sent by email to vpsa.membership@gmail.com, mailed to the address on the form, or dropped off during one of the Sunday VPSA shoots.



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The Victoria Precision Shooting Association (VPSA) is the successor organization of the Hand Gun Section of the Pacific Coast Rifle Association (PCRA).  For more information about the fascinating history of the Victoria Precision Shooting Association click here.



Contact Info


General correspondance to the VPSA may be sent by email to vpsa.secretary2@gmail.com


or by regular mail to:

Victoria Precision Shooting Association

P.O. Box 296

7103 Saanich Rd W

Brentwood Bay

British Columbia

V8M 1R3

VPSA Handgun & Rifle Schedule


  • Weekly practices on Sundays from 9:00 am to 12:00 pm *
  • Monthly intra-club competitions from 10:00 am to 11:30 am *
  • Weekly air pistol and air rifle practices open to the public on Wednesdays at 6:00 pm *


* Subject to change due to rentals and other special events. Please check the NSRG Range Schedule Calendar for any changes.

VPSA New Membership Application Form


VPSA Member Renewal Form

North Saanich Rod & Gun Club - P.O. Box 2043 - Sidney, B.C. - V8L 3S3