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As of July 1, 2021, as per the BC Public Health Orders, the range is now permitted to function almost normally.

  • If you have been fully vaccinated (2 weeks from your second dose) you do not need to wear a mask.
  • If you have been coughing or have a fever stay home.
  • If you feel sick stay home.
  • Use the hand sanitizer provided at the range.

As mask use is optional, use common sense and use one when you or others are uncomfortable because of the inability to social distance.


NSRG programs have started up again subject to the BC Public Health Orders and the program coordinator’s decision. Go to the Programs page for more information on the status of individual NSRG Programs.


The VPSA has built barriers for Bay 2 that can separate their competitors so they do not need a mask when shooting from their position and have offered them to all members to use in the same fashion.


Shooters and range visitors are reminded to follow all the B.C. government's social distancing and sanitizing requirements to prevent becoming infected with the coronavirus that causes COVID-19.


Please monitor the NSRG website for any changes to the COVID-19 policy

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